Lectures at the Convention.

The Lecturers of the NZ WMA Convention.


Listing those presenting lectures

A very brief bio and workshops each individual instructor will be undertaking and equipment requirements for those workshops.

Introducing Bob Charron

Bob is a guest lecturer at the 2008 Convention. He hails all the way from Wisconsin in the good ol' USA. Bob is recognised as a, if not the, foremost expert on the subject of 14/15th century Italian master of arms, Fiore dei Liberi. Fiore dei Liberi was the instructor at arms to Nicolo d'Este, Marquis of Ferrara. His book, Flower of Battles, is comprehensive in covering over 300 individual techniques over a variety of subject matter.
Bob runs his own school, called the St. Martin's Academy and has been a key WMA presenter at numerous overseas conventions for many years. We are delighted in having Bob here in New Zealand at long last. This has been a plan since 2003 and only now have we been able to execute this plan. Bob is a fantastic and enjoyable teacher that we can personally attest to. We believe we are spoiling, you the attendee, rotten with Bob.
Bob will not only cover the physical aspects behind the three known manuscripts of Flower of Battles, but also the philosophy and noble education that are heavily intertwined with this system. It is truly a delight to behold.

Medieval Education and Academics

The is a presentation on Medieval Education and Academics and how they apply to learning a Medieval martial art. It provides some wonderful insights into the way the Medieval mind worked, why the treatises look so crazy to us, and how they are useful books that are packed with information once you know how to read them.

Introducing Kristi Charron

Kristi is another of our special guest lecturers :) Kristi is a professional horse riding instructor. She is also one of the main pioneers in the reconstruction of Equestrian Western Martial Arts internationally. She has helped with the English translation of the Portuguese King Dom Duarte on his treatise on horsemanship (which includes mounted combat), as well as being actively involved with Flower of Battles equestrian interpretation.

Interpreting mounted combat from medieval illustrations

Having lost our horse culture it is often very difficult for modern eyes to pick up details from medieval illustrations of mounted combat. This lecture aims to help you be able to interpret those illustrations. This is also an important lecture for art history students who are interesting in art from the Middle Ages.

King Dom Duarte's treatise on horsemanship

Dom Duarte was King of Portugal between 1433 and 1438. For the students of European Martial Arts he is particularly significant due to his treatise Livro Da Ensinanca De Bem Cavalgar Toda Sela. This treatise is on horsemanship, the different styles of riding, and includes information about jousting and hunting as well as being quite philosophical.

The medieval warhorse and mounted combat

This is a basic overview of the medieval warhorse and mounted combat. Quintessential for anyone who has dreams of becoming a knight. Knights were primarily mounted warriors afterall. This lecture is currently not scheduled, but may happen after the Dom Duarte lecture if people are interested.