The tournament of the NZ WMA Convention

Sadly no tournament will be held this year. However we are expecting to have bouting.

There are three tournaments scheduled for the NZ WMA Convention.

  1. Sword and buckler
  2. Longsword
  3. Pollaxe

Who will be crowned the respective champions for 2008?

The Rules

These rules can be modified at any time so it will pay to keep an eye out for any changes

  1. All styles used must be historical. At the start of each round participants must declare which historical style they will be using.
  2. For the sword tournaments wooden wasters will be used. Preference will be given to these one handed or two handed swords. Other (hardwood) swords will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  3. A 1600Nm mask must be used.
  4. The equivalent of stiff 10mm padding is required for the throat.
  5. The equivalent of 10mm padding is required for the torso and arms
  6. Hands must be well protected
  7. A box must be worn
  8. For women, a chest protector must be worn
  9. The equivalent of 5mm padding is required for the legs
  10. The entire body is a permitted target zone with whatever strike
    1. Addendum:For the pollaxe tournament targeting will be limited to those espoused in the anonymous MS Le Jeu de la hache
  11. All blows will be delivered at moderate power. Tag or flick style blows will be ignored
  12. Joint destruction techniques including all bone breaking techniques can be started, but under no circumstances will they be completed.

The aim of this tournament is to replicate the old adage of hit without being hit. This includes simultaneous hits, but also includes being able to exit without being hit. The tournament is envisioned to being rough as historically timidity was a bane.